Passbook Data Analytics

Intelligent credit decisions

Boost loan approval efficiency.

Extract relevant data from passbook images with high precision. Obtain fresh perspectives and make quick, profitable, and reassured lending decisions. Finuit’s solution is designed to offer the accuracy, speed, and scalability your business needs.

Tackle all the challenges with Finuit’s solution

Layout Variations

Identify the size and orientation of passbooks, which differ from bank to bank.

Multiline text

Recognize transaction data from multiline descriptions, uneven spacing, and misaligned columns.


Format differences

Categorize bank-specific terminology and codes used to denote transactions.

Print quality issues

Extract data from low-quality images, varying printing ink densities, mirrored imprints from the other side of the page, and slanted or overlapping lines.

Fortify your credit approval processes.
Switch to Finuit’s passbook data extraction solution today.





Faster approval
Passbook pages in an hour

Handle barely intelligible images

Instantly interpret passbooks with unpredictable image quality with Finuit’s smartphone app. Overcome legibility challenges caused by print density variations, paper thickness, alignment, or printer limitations.

Acquire data with precision

Finuit’s custom-built algorithms identify and extract the data with precision. Track the status in real-time for seamless management of workflows.


Upgrade your capabilities with the revolutionary data extraction tool, tailored for your business.

The solution that enables you to fulfill all your data extraction and
analysis requirements

automated data
automated data

Automated Data Extraction

Identify the account holder, the type and number of the account, and bank details. Recognize the transaction categories and values.

extensive analysis
extensive analysis


Automatically categorize transactions, compute income and expense metrics, and evaluate the customer’s creditworthiness. Detect discrepancies and suspicious entries.

data accuracy
data accuracy


Leverage custom-developed algorithms to eliminate errors. Gain from unparalleled data extraction accuracy and make lending decisions foolproof.


Flexible deployment

Capture passbook images with a smartphone app and accord instant approvals. Or seamlessly integrate existing workflows over API or JSON data exchange.

Energizing rural economies:
Finuit helps microfinance
companies leverage newer

Frequently Asked Questions

All our solutions are designed for trouble-free integration with existing systems. We support a feature-rich, well-documented API for seamless operations, and our team will be happy to implement it for you. For offline data exchange, CSV or JSON options are available.
Of course, yes. We know each organization has its unique challenges and expectations, and our product, by design, is suitable for diverse needs. Our solution specialists will interact with your team, understand the requirements, and implement a perfectly customized solution.

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