About us

Enriching the financial industry with innovation

Our inspiration

We love challenges – the tougher, the better. And our experts are always ready to meet them head-on.

Our approach

With our customer-centric processes, we unwaveringly strive to create solutions that tick all the boxes.

Our team

With young, enthusiastic experts guided by seasoned professionals, we deliver results. Every time.

Real-world experience. Deep domain expertise.





Person-hours of
development experience


Engineers and
technology specialists

The blueprint for successful products

All our products are designed not just to fulfill functional expectations but also to align seamlessly with the customer’s operational and business processes.


The capability to glean data
from any document with
outstanding accuracy


The intelligence to assess the
authenticity, integrity, and
validity of data


The power to unearth vital
insights through extensive


The architectural flexibility to
cater to a wide range of
deployment needs


The team that drives us ahead

Our team of AI engineers, distributed computing developers, and project managers possess outstanding academic backgrounds and exceptional problem-solving abilities. Guided by a leadership team of accomplished professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs with over 175 years of diverse business experience, we are ready to tackle complex challenges. And emerge successful.

At Finuit, we’re driven by uninhibited curiosity, a desire to break barriers, to invent new possibilities.

Rabindranath, CEO

our capabilities

What makes us a trustworthy partner

Let’s help your business outclass the competition. Win with Finuit’s technology acumen, professional practices, and customer-friendly approach.

Technology skillsets

A brilliant team of technologists fuels our innovative spirit. Complementing
AI expertise with practical experience, they build and support top-notch
solutions that solve real-world business problems.

Process orientation

Ensure hassle-free implementation. We follow agile, industry-best
practices to define the needs, configure the solution, and manage the


We’re committed to delivering top-notch customer service. Our
pre-sales, projects, and support professionals are always available
to offer quick and friendly assistance.

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Actionable insights. Enlightened decisions.

Take a quantum leap forward. Transform operational workflows with AI. Arm yourself to thwart evolving challenges.