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Accelerating credit evaluation with Passbook Analyzer

Learn how microfinance organizations can leverage AI to streamline underwriting operations.

Background Insight

Accurate credit assessment with AI

ABD is a microfinance company operating in 5 states in southern India. Growing rapidly, it aims to double its loan portfolio of ₹250 Crores within a year.

Evaluating the applicant’s passbook is a standard practice in lending processes. A sizeable number of ABD’s 500 employees engaged in extracting data from passbook images, identifying key data, and entering the details on spreadsheets. Underwriters use the extracted information to estimate the creditworthiness.
(For confidentiality purposes, the names and identifying details used in this case have been altered.)

Credit evaluation: the challenges

ABD followed the conventional approach of employing a team to analyze borrowers’ passbooks. Every step in the workflow, from data extraction and classification to credit score computation, is work-intensive.

ABD found that human limitations negatively impacted the accuracy of results and processing speed.

Time-consuming processes

ABD’s team spent about 2.5 days scrutinizing the passbook for each application. The company found that the delay got longer as the demand grew.

Input quality issues

Photographs were impaired by camera limitations, improper lighting, or skewing. Printer malfunctions and poor paper quality made the text difficult to read.

Layout & terminology variations

ABD’s team had to deal with different passbook formats and transaction descriptions, which are unique and bank-specific. This called for additional skills and training.

Intelligent automation for accurate passbook
data extraction and analysis


Finuit’s Passbook Analyzer employs a smartphone app to capture
passbook images and enables instant, error-free loan approvals.

Smartphone app for data capture

The integrated app facilitates a hassle-free acquisition of passbook images from the field for immediate processing.

Support for various passbook layouts

Automatic, AI-enabled identification of the layout, account details, and transaction categories.

Extracts data from poor-quality documents

Purpose-built algorithms recognize relevant details from tilted or blurred images and overprinted or unclear text.

Features of the solution

Support for passbooks issued by all major national and small finance banks in India

Automated calculation of credit scores and customizable rules

App-based data collection for instant decision-making by a backend team

Comprehensive dashboards for
seamless management

Built for scalability and versatile deployment needs

Technical Support for Field Operations


Quick and accurate credit evaluation, assured by AI 








Minutes/per passbook


Finuit’s Passbook Analyzer gives
ABD an efficiency

Finuit’s Passbook Analyzer gives ABD an efficiency boost

Risk-free loan approvals

98% improvement in credit underwriting for safer lending

Accelerated decisions

5x faster processing for shorter turn-around times

Efficiency enhancements

3x boost in operational efficiency for higher profitability

Scaling capacity of field processes

Enhanced capacity of field agents to process more cases

Finuit’s Passbook Analyser

Leverage Finuit’s AI-powered solution and profit from risk-free, turbocharged underwriting workflows.

Keen to eliminate manual, inefficient data extraction tasks that hamper your operations?