Financial Statement Analyzer

Smarter loan approvals

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Accelerate corporate loan approval workflows with AI. Evaluate customers’ financial statements with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Finuit’s Financial Statement Analysis Solution

A diligent assessment of customers’ financial statements is integral to loan approval processes. How does your team interpret multiple, complex documents? Is the exercise efficient and error-free?
Eliminate uncertainties from underwriting workflows. FInuit’s Financial Statement Analyzer facilitates speedy and accurate data analysis, ensuring your credit business stays profitable.

Harness tech to tackle the challenges

Differences in norms and terminology

Organizations follow their own descriptions for the details. The data may be classified and summarized in various ways.

Comprehensive analysis

Data from different sources must be correlated, categorized, and analyzed for actionable insights.


Variations in the format

The layout and formatting of financial statements are not uniform across companies.

Quality of images

The quality of input images is hardly consistent or predictable. The capability to handle imperfect images is vital for accurate results.

Unrivaled performance for business-critical needs





Faster approval
Copies in an hour
feature rich solution

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Give a boost to your underwriting capability.

Sound underwriting decisions, powered by AI

Process a variety of statements

Obtain data from P&L
reports, balance sheets,
and cash flow statements.

essential info
essential info

Compile essential information

Compare and reconcile
data among statements.
Get a 360° view of the
customer’s financial

detect discrepancies
detect discrepancies

Detect discrepancies

Spot erroneous,
manipulated, or incorrect
values and calculations.
Fortify the decision-making

speed appovals
speed appovals

Speed up approvals

Accelerate decision-
making. Automate the
calculation of credit scores
with data from hundreds of

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Finuit’s Financial Statement Analyzer is part of our intelligent data automation suite, a collection of innovative solutions that fulfill the unique needs of banks, financial services organizations, and insurance companies. Designed by experts in fintech and AI, the solutions represent our commitment to helping businesses succeed with best-in-class digital and data technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our solutions are designed for trouble-free integration with existing systems. We support a feature-rich, well-documented API for seamless operations, and our team will be happy to implement it for you. For offline data exchange, CSV or JSON options are available.
Of course, yes. We know each organization has its unique challenges and expectations, and our product, by design, is suitable for diverse needs. Our solution specialists will interact with your team, understand the requirements, and implement a perfectly customized solution.
Finuit’s solution allows the configuration of teams and the workflow rules they need to follow. What’s more, user privileges can be defined for group members for finer control.
For us, data security is of paramount importance. Finuit’s solutions are built on robust, proven software platforms. We comply with secure programming practices and industry-standard security protocols.

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