KYC Validation

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Examine identity documents with unmatched reliability.

Extract and authenticate data from a variety of identity documents. Complete KYC processes effortlessly.

Finuit’s Identity Verification Solution

Acquiring data from identity documents is an essential step in the customer engagement journey. How efficiently does your team examine diverse identity proof documents? How easy is it to authenticate the details?
Leverage Finuit’s ID verification solution and usher in quick, accurate processes. Make customer engagement decisions foolproof.

Let’s tackle the challenges together.

Format and layout variations

No two ID cards look the same. Companies use vastly different document styles to present personal and organizational data.

Poor image quality

The image may be of poor quality, making data extraction difficult and imperfect.

id verification

Data validation

The documents may contain fraudulent or erroneous values that lead to grave business risks.

ID inaccuracies

Documents may contain errors, requiring cross-document verification to ensure authenticity.

Superior performance that you can trust





Faster approval
ID documents in an hour

Exceptional features that meet modern KYC needs

World-class AI tools: Helping businesses make the most of digital transformation.


Reinforce decision-making efficiency with AI.

Sound underwriting decisions, powered by AI

Accept diverse documents

Automatically recognize data in Driving Licence, PAN, Aadhaar, Voter ID, Passport, and Vehicle Registration Certificate.


Fetch key

Identify the user’s name, date of birth, and address. Extract the document number, date of issue, and date of expiry.

detect invalid record
detect invalid record

Detect invalid records

Be assured of quality data. Spot and eliminate incorrect, manipulated, or expired documents.


Decode poor-quality images

Extract data from low-resolution and grainy photos with excellent accuracy.

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Finuit’s ID verification is part of our intelligent data automation suite, a collection of innovative solutions that fulfill the unique needs of banks, financial services organizations, and insurance companies. Designed by experts in fintech and AI, the solutions represent our commitment to helping businesses succeed with best-in-class digital and data technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our solutions are designed for trouble-free integration with existing systems. We support a feature-rich, well-documented API for seamless operations, and our team will be happy to implement it for you. For offline data exchange, CSV or JSON options are available.
Of course, yes. We know each organization has its unique challenges and expectations, and our product, by design, is suitable for diverse needs. Our solution specialists will interact with your team, understand the requirements, and implement a perfectly customized solution.
Finuit’s solution allows the configuration of teams and the workflow rules they need to follow. What’s more, user privileges can be defined for group members for finer control.
For us, data security is of paramount importance. Finuit’s solutions are built on robust, proven software platforms. We comply with secure programming practices and industry-standard security protocols.

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