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Reinforce due diligence checks with AI.

Is your due diligence strategy comprehensive enough?Unearth deeper insights and understand companies better. Upgrade your due diligence processes with AI.

Finuit’s Company Deep Forensics Solution

Can your due diligence process fetch and analyze information that’s out of sight? Does its scope go beyond financial metrics? Is the exercise robust and hassle-free?
Finuit’s Company Deep Forensics solution empowers you to expand the boundaries of your research. Ensure judicious decisions substantiated by data from hundreds of resources.

Address the challenging requirements

Searching the Internet for pertinent data

Recursive searching of hundreds of internet sites and compilation of results require considerable time and effort.

Checking the quality of information

Identifying and eliminating redundant, deceptive, or outdated results is essential for meaningful analysis.


Generation of actionable reports

The data must be summarized into simple scores or metrics that are easy to understand and act upon.

Evaluating information reliability

It is important to consider the source, purpose, evidence, and tone, while also identifying any biases.

Setting new benchmarks in performance and reliability



Web resource searched


Keywords checked for


Improvement in process
completion time
topnotch features

Top-notch features that make a difference

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Benefit from automated research and analysis.

Sound underwriting decisions, powered by AI

Research all stakeholders

Search for companies or individuals. Use the extended search option to analyze the credentials of key personnel in the organization.

web scraping
web scraping

Advanced web scraping

Launch an automated web scraping session. Capture the metadata from over 300 websites with 15+ pre-defined keywords.

forensic analysis
forensic analysis


Leverage AI algorithms to understand the context and categorize the results. Discard inappropriate data and reorder the relevant results.


Consolidated report

Obtain critical insights from the results. Apply customizable rules to compute a reputation score in minutes.

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Finuit’s Company Deep Forensics is part of our intelligent data automation suite, a collection of innovative solutions that fulfill the unique needs of banks, financial services organizations, and insurance companies. Designed by experts in fintech and AI, the solutions represent our commitment to helping businesses succeed with best-in-class digital and data technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

All our solutions are designed for trouble-free integration with existing systems. We support a feature-rich, well-documented API for seamless operations, and our team will be happy to implement it for you. For offline data exchange, CSV or JSON options are available.
Of course, yes. We know each organization has its unique challenges and expectations, and our product, by design, is suitable for diverse needs. Our solution specialists will interact with your team, understand the requirements, and implement a perfectly customized solution.
Finuit’s solution allows the configuration of teams and the workflow rules they need to follow. What’s more, user privileges can be defined for group members for finer control.
For us, data security is of paramount importance. Finuit’s solutions are built on robust, proven software platforms. We comply with secure programming practices and industry-standard security protocols.

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