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Qualified lead generation with a systematic analysis of financial statements

Learn how a commercial bank transformed its lead generation with AI-powered analysis of Balance Sheets and P&L Statements

Background Insight

Corporate lending

Firstland Bank is an American banking corporation that offers deposit, mortgage, and other financial services to retail and enterprise organizations.

The bank has an AUM of $1.8 billion, with over 900 employees operating from 18 branch offices. Beyond loans and banking, the bank proactively seeks out small businesses in need of financial guidance. Their dedicated team dives into company reports to identify potential clients and connect them with personalized financial solutions.

(For confidentiality purposes, the names and identifying details used in this case have been altered.)

Challenges in financial automation

Balance Sheets and Profit & Loss Statements reveal a company’s financial health. Loan providers traditionally rely on manual examination by teams to extract data from these documents for underwriting decisions, a time-consuming process prone to errors.

For Firstland Bank, these human-centric processes proved to be inadequate to meet growing business needs and market expectations. The challenges demanded a robust, automated, intelligent, and scalable document processing solution.


Manual processing of documents calls for considerable human efforts and is inherently inefficient.


The time-consuming, tiresome, and repetitive manual work is error-prone and subject to human limitations.

Variations in

Companies don’t use a standardized set of descriptions, with each document requiring a diligent, prolonged review.

Diverse document

Layout and format differences among Balance Sheets and P&L Statements make data extraction a formidable exercise.

Transform loan approval using cutting-edge AI
technology for streamlined processes.


Finuit's custom Financial Statement Analyzer swiftly extracts data
from PDFs, integrates seamlessly with Firstland Bank's operations.

Instant, comprehensive classification

Automatically identifies document type, extracts key figures from extensive annual reports for analysis.

User-friendly and

User-friendly browser controls, customizable rules for preferred ratios, and results exportable in Excel, CSV, or JSON.

Advance filtering mechanism

Keyword filtering enables thorough data analysis, refining information for targeted reviews and informed decisions.

Features of the solution

Reassurance of data accuracy with
AI-powered Confidence Scores

Feature-rich dashboard for trouble-free management

Designed for diverse document
formats, classifications, and layouts

Customizable rules for data
extraction and analysis

Creditworthiness and risk parameters
for quick decisions

Cross-document data integrity
checks for fraud prevention


Firstland Bank used the Finuit's Financial Statement Analyzer to understand customer needs better,
resulting in improved products, services, and faster customer onboarding.








Files per month



Finuit’s performance highlights

Faster analysis of compiled, critical financial data

Simpler decision-making with automatic categorization of assets and liabilities, along with the calculation of net worth and a host of credit-related parameters

Comprehensive assessment of businesses

Purpose-built algorithms provide an in-depth view of the business's financial well-being, offering vital insights with ratio analysis, historical reviews, and benchmarking against industry peers

Robust evaluation of risks

Improved identification of discrepancies and outliers such as major expenses, irregular revenues, or unrealistic profits

Targeted selling

Leveraged qualified lead data to personalize offerings and increase conversion rates.

How can your lending business capitalize on the power of AI?

A diligent assessment of customers’ financial statements is integral to loan approval processes. How does your team interpret multiple, complex documents? Is the exercise efficient and error-free?

Eliminate uncertainties from underwriting workflows. FInuit’s Financial Statement Analyzer facilitates speedy and accurate data analysis, ensuring your credit business stays profitable