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Enhancing loan processing capacity with Bank statement analyzer

Learn how a regional MSME lender transformed its lead generation with AI-powered analysis of Bank Statement Analyzer

Background Insight

Empowering MSMEs

SKFC is a fast-growing regional financial services company offering business loans to small and medium enterprises in semi-urban and rural markets in India.


They have a company size of less than 100 employees handling a loan portfolio of less than 100 crores. They specialize in disbursing small-ticket loans to MSMEs.


They use a combination of careful analysis of applicant’s documents and their advanced system to assess creditworthiness. They are constantly looking for new ways to improve and streamline this process, to reach more businesses.

(For confidentiality purposes, the names and identifying details used in this case have been altered.)

Credit evaluation challenges

A comprehensive credit evaluation of MSMEs requires a diligent examination of the borrower’s bank statements. The data in these documents offer critical insights into the applicant’s financial health and reveal potential credit risks.

Commercial lenders analyze bank statements of loan applicants to help determine their creditworthiness. The challenges posed by conventional processes forced SKFC to explore tech-driven solutions to enhance operational efficiency and achieve a higher market share.


SKFC team spent 3-4 hours daily examining hundreds of documents, taking 1.5 days for longer ones to be analyzed. This slow, error-prone process couldn't scale with demand.

Difference in the terminology

With each bank using its own set of terms to describe the line items, interpreting statements required extra time and effort, slowing down the process.

Format and layout variations

Banks adopt a variety of print layouts and formats to generate statements. Identifying the key content from a diverse range of documents is a demanding exercise.

Automated, intelligent data extraction for quick
profitable approvals


Finuit's Bank Statement Analyzer automates processing for SKFC,
extracting data from JPG, PNG, or PDF uploads via a web interface.

Support for diverse document formats

Powered by an AI engine, the solution accurately recognizes and categorizes the data fields in the document.

Extensive, rule-based analytics

Extensive, rule-based

The solution applies a mix of purpose-built algorithms to determine the creditworthiness and risk aspects. Results can be downloaded as JSON/CSV files.

Actionable reports for immediate decisions

Customizable dashboards that highlight vital metrics for instantaneous lending decisions

Features of the solution

Ready to process statement from
125+ national and regional banks

Automatic computation of earning and spending patterns

Detection of cheque bounces and
unusual transfers

Dashboard with usage statistics
for management

Customized set of rules for data extraction and analysis

Seamless integration with
existing processes


Finuit’s Bank Statement Analyzer has transformed SKFC’s lending operations,
enabling robust underwriting solution for MSME loans











Statements per week



Finuit’s performance highlights

Quick data processing with high accuracy

Enhanced customer experience with faster loan decisions and frictionless onboarding


Faster loan approvals

Shorter underwriting workflows that lead to better resource utilization, higher productivity, and efficiency

Tailored offering of loan products

Comprehensive analysis of cash flows, income sources, and expenditure patterns help identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities

Safer lending

Powerful algorithms to spot risk indicators such as returned cheques, rotating credit, and suspicious transfers for judicious credit approvals

Leverage the power of AI

How easy is it to interpret data contained in diverse documents? Do manual processes meet the growing demands?

Simplify your approval workflows with Finuit’s AI-powered solution. Benefit from higher accuracy and quicker decisions.